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Computer Services

Your choice in IT Solutions

Computer repairs

We are always here to help save your computer at any state.

Computer assembly

We disassemble and assemble computers.  We would be happy to guide you what is the best specifications would fit your need. 

Computer Update

Updates are crucial, we work closely with our clients to keep them updated.

systems Update

If you don't know what to do with your computer and requires any systems or computer update let us know.


We will deal any virus, malware and bot of hackers  that will infect your machine.  Let us deal with it.


Do you have a new printer or any gadget and you don't know what to do? give us a ring and we will give you a hand.

Why Choose Us?

Your Benefits

reasonable cost, we don't charge evaluation check up

saves your money of spending on your updates and paying uncessary requirements

peace of mind, we are dealing our every client with utmost honesty

guaranteed supports, and we educate our clients

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Arnel Pastrana

We always do our best to find the best IT solutions for our clients.

Managing Director

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